What Is The Choice Of Curtain Rod?

- Aug 30, 2018-

1, curtain rod style, curtain rod material to metal and wood-based, style is also different. Metal rod head with gauze curtains used in the bedroom, there is a strong contrast between rigid and soft contrasts beauty. The wooden head is suitable for all kinds of functions of the bedroom.

Want to create a variety of styles need to choose a different material curtain rod and curtain cloth, in the choice of curtain rod collocation should be based on home decoration and curtain cloth color to match, but also with the overall home style to choose the appearance of curtain rod, so that the overall aesthetic coordination of the bedroom.

2, Curtain rod quality, curtain rod in the selection of materials to choose a solid durable material. Plastic material is easy to aging, the color of aluminum alloy is single, even if wrapping time a long is also easy to glue, load-bearing performance is not resistant to friction, iron if the late surface treatment is improper, it is easy to drop paint and rust, only pure stainless steel products are really the best of many materials, but the price is more expensive. Curtain Rod Selection Notice whether the noise is too loud when sliding, if the noise is large, try not to choose.

3, curtain rod process details, in the purchase of curtain rod, curtain rod technology can not be neglected. For example, the curtain rod inevitably have screws, but should not be too prominent, thus affecting the overall appearance of the curtain, to carefully check the processing process, such as: whether the surface brushed processing, spraying color uniformity and so on, the small details will be exposed to the process is standard.

4, the curtain rod bracket, the bracket and the wall contact surface to be big, hangs up stably, the matching screw must be suitable the length to live the strength, secondly installs the worker's experience and the technical proficiency degree is also very crucial, therefore the designer is the best is please the professional production curtain rod factory worker to the door installs, such product and the service is most has the guarantee.