What Are The Options For Curtain Rods?

- Aug 30, 2018-

1, curtain rod material, now on the market most of the curtain rods are wood or metal, the details of the production, style are very big difference, with a beautiful pattern of metal curtain rod can be used to match the silk curtains, rigid and feminine strong contrast will produce your unexpected effect, Wooden curtain rod can be paired with cotton curtains, such a match will give a warm, full of feeling!

2, curtain rod form, curtain rod has a bright rod and dark rod, the rod head has a beautiful pattern, in the decoration, can also play the effect of landscaping curtains, dark rod, as the name implies, in the support of curtains, you are not visible curtain rod, this curtain rod itself does not have complicated patterns, So in today's society, many people have no longer like the dark pole, but more like the Ming Pole!

3, curtain rod work, now this society, a lot of manufacturers in order to save costs, so in the curtain rod production some will cut corners, so everyone in the buy time, pay attention to the general choice of thick point, in the choice of curtain rod, the general plastic easy to become brittle, wood easy to produce insects, metal may grow rusty,

Only stainless steel Curtain rod is our best choice, although it will be more expensive, but the service life will be more long.

4, the product brand now produces curtain rod manufacturers mixed, good and bad, consumers want to go to those high-profile cloth shop or chain hypermarket, select those who have a brand, have credibility, have the strength, product quality and after-sales service are guaranteed manufacturers of products, so that excellent design and meticulous collocation will be impeccable!