The Style Of The Curtains Selected The Curtain Rod Type And How To Choose

- Aug 30, 2018-

In the decoration of the choice of curtain style, we often just see the color of the curtains can and the overall decoration style of the room to match, but often ignore the choice of curtain rod, our most common curtain rod types have two kinds, one is the rail one is a Roman pole,

Today Beijing Decoration Network and we talk about the curtain rod choose what kind of can be paired with home decoration style. Decorate the net to tell everybody, general curtain dry of kind divides into two kinds, one is slide, also have a kind of Roman pole. The slider, a string of pull ring in the middle of a track, a Roman pole, a pole on the middle of the ring, the two ends with greater than the ring of the head blocked. The slides are simple in shape, generally installed on the top surface, will be used curtain box, plaster line, or ceiling block, because the blocking is more beautiful.

Roman Rod has a variety of good-looking shapes, generally installed in the wall, revealing a better look, if you need to cover up the space is relatively large, generally will not cover.

To do the ceiling space, by the way can use the ceiling shape to leave a curtain box, mounting rails.

If you do not make a ceiling, you can also use a plaster board to do the curtain box modeling.

If you do not do the ceiling and do not do large gypsum line walking edge, you can choose the Roman pole curtains.

Two Roman poles, one hanging yarn, one hanging cloth. Therefore, under normal circumstances can be done not to do the ceiling to determine the use of Roman poles or rails, there is a situation, the window is curved, or L-shaped window, so that the need to make the curtain arc or turn. In this case, it is generally easier to do the rails, the rails easier to make radians, of course, the Roman pole is not can not do.