Home Improvement Bath Curtain Rod Installation Precautions To Understand

- Aug 30, 2018-

Choose shower curtain and installation, some details to do in place, generally need to pay attention to a few aspects.

1. Water-blocking bar

As the shower floor drain drainage speed than the shower flush speed is slow, so the shower area on the ground to install water bar.

Generally laying in the outside of the shower curtain, the best choice of natural stone water bar, thick bottom for 1-2 cm, choose to mold high-quality glass glue laying in the periphery of the shower curtain.

2. Shower Curtain Suspension Mode

Shower curtain suspension is generally divided into two types: one is to install a flexible shower curtain track, the other is to install a shower curtain rod.

Installation of flexible shower curtain track special attention should be paid to the specific installation position of the flexible shower curtain, then the installation of the aluminum buckle board in the bathroom, and then the flexible shower curtain track. The shower curtain rod is divided into the expansion rod and the nut is fixed on the wall surface two kinds. Home if the use of a straight shower curtain rod, and both sides have a wall support point can choose the expansion lever, this shower curtain rod installation Move is very convenient, but also can be in the towel and so on. Arc of the shower curtain rod, the best choice is to use a nut fixed in the wall of the comparison of insurance, and must choose stainless steel tube, to the wall thicker, more solid.