Classification Of Shower Rods

- Aug 30, 2018-

Broadly divided into tool-free and screw-type, but also can be divided into telescopic rod and combination rod.


Tool-free type is also divided into internal button screw rotation type and spring type.

Internal buckle screw Type: Pull to the specified distance through the eccentric lock inside and outside the tube, and then rotate the internal pipe screws, so that it can be held tight.

Spring type: Through the stamping process to fix the spring in the inner tube, so that the distance to pull out longer than the required distance, and then force the inner tube pressure to the outside tube, resist Qiang can.

Screw fixing Type The screw type also becomes a combination rod, which is used when the corner or only touches one side of the Qiang, can be assembled into an L-shaped, U-shaped, and then fastened to the wall by screws. The size of the general can be composed of 90*90*90cm,,90*170cm.