What is dark Rail

- Aug 30, 2018-

To aluminum alloy, the so-called nano-track is a plastic extrusion with nanometer plastic filler plastic profiles, by adding anti-UV additives, toughening agent, to avoid the long-term use of aging, fracture problems, plus the production process accuracy easy to control, often cost more light than aluminum alloy, for the bottom of the market and customers, is a good choice.

Aluminum alloy rail varieties, surface treatment has oxidation, spraying, electrophoresis, raw materials to the original aluminum alloy, many cheap aluminum alloy track is made of recycled raw material, surface treatment to electrophoresis for the best, smooth surface, non-fading. Pulley: There are polyethylene, nylon, pom-based plastic non-wheeled type and accompany the metal link wheel type two categories: the quality of the plastic pulley most of the use of recycled material, the surface is dull and coarse, in a long time will be broken and aging, its pull ring general use of ordinary wire bending, long will rust, pollution curtains;

Good quality of the pulley by adding ultrafine fillers and additives modified plastic, the product surface smooth without burr, friction resistance, anti-wear performance better, by hand to pull the light slip silent, pull the ring with stainless steel wire, static vibration grinding, surface gloss excellent, good texture.

Installation code: General use of 0.5MM thickness of ordinary coating, the use of recycled plastic plate, easy to rust and damage, installation code is a solid track to ensure that the use of 1.0MM steel plate, using nylon platen, the surface of the strict use of pickling  Clean  Scale cleaning process, coating firmly, easy to install.

Rail cover [cover]: Generally inexpensive track using recycled plastic manufacturing, the surface is not tough, excellent sealing with high-quality ABS manufacturing, surface smooth, trademark and text clear.

Packaging: General track packaging is simple and no packaging, good track will use a well-printed PE bag.