The maintenance method of metal furniture

- Aug 30, 2018-

Avoid bumps during transportation, prevent surface damage and cause rust of cabinet body.

When placed, take care of the light, maintain the level, and to maintain a certain distance from the wall surface.

Place the ground to keep dry, prevent damp, alkaline.

Avoid contact with acid and alkali liquids to prevent the cabinet from being corrupted. The surface of the cabinet should be kept clean.

If the surface is unclean, wipe with a cleaning agent before wiping it with a dry cloth.

Avoid direct contact with the surface of the cabinet when corrosive items are placed in the cabinet.

Use the correct method to unlock the lock body to avoid damage. Switch the door, the drawer to light open light off, to avoid violent impact. Do not use hard objects to hit the cabinet body, do not use sharp objects to the body surface.