Furniture glides What material is good

- Aug 30, 2018-

1, Fabric furniture foot mat. To fabric as a material to create table and chair mat protection pad, is the most commonly used, generally by cotton lining, cotton lace around the edge, cotton and hemp thickened cotton appearance, elastic band, such as a few parts of the fabric of the table and chair Mat protective mat. It usually has anti-slip wear and noise reduction function, so the table and chairs mute foot mat became another name for it.

2, plush furniture foot mat. It is also very common to use plush mats to make table and chair pads. It's like putting a coat on the foot of the chair, especially in the cold winter, the plush table and chair pads protect you from a rare warmth.

3, acrylic furniture foot mat. In addition to the table and Chair mats presented above to protect the condom, there are a number of people who will use the mats directly under the table and chairs. This kind of floor mat is smaller than the general carpet, to acrylic, mainly presented as round or square, the above with a variety of patterns, often with the tile style with a very good decorative effect, but also to become a bright spot in the home layout. This floor mat can also be used as a general carpet.

4, Silicone furniture foot mat. With transparent silicone this special material to create dining chair foot cushion protection pad, can be said to be an innovation such a chair mat flexibility better, wear-resistant and durable, generally its bottom will be made of special non-woven fabric, can better avoid the foot and ground material friction between the collision, better prolong its service life.